France Wins the World Cup…Allez les bleus in Paris

Dear Friends,

As your weekend draws to an end, I bet it hasn’t been as busy and festive as what we’ve had in Paris… Bastille Day followed by a World Cup win! The city has gone crazy celebrating as Johnny said “in pure joy.” It was fun to watch from our windows and out on the street so I’ll let the photos do the talking. If you look carefully, you might see Bernie, Johnny and Dennis in some of the street madness. 

The street scene of the day is this cute picture of Jodie taken at the Bastille Sunday market this morning.

Tomorrow we ride the train to Caen near Normandy and spend two days in that historic area with our guests. It will be another busy but memorable time to include Mont St. Michel.

On a humorous note, the newspaper headlines today captured the two horrible mistakes in yesterday’s Bastille Day Parade. One we already addressed with the extra column of red in the smoke streamers for the fly-by. Also right in front of President Macron at the viewing stand, two motorcycle policemen were doing intricate maneuvers and crashed as they criss-crossed. No wonder the aftermath was a bit disorganized!

Have a good start to your week. We see that it’s VERY hot in Alabama.

L & B