Summary Paris Blog: Did’s and Did-Not’s for 2017


It’s almost time to bid you au revoir until next year!

Today, Sunday, after we pack, we’ll make a shortened trip to the Champs to see the parade and the gaggle of bicyclists as they make a few spins around the Arc de Triomphe for the final stage of Le Tour de France. I will not have time to post new pics but have pulled a few from previous years to give you an idea of the parade. Then we’ll head back home to eat our traditional last meal at the little dive below us, Le Bouquet St. Paul. It’s where our journey began on the first of June. At sunset, we’ll take a final stroll to Pont Marie, our official goodbye spot on the river and the bridge of lovers. We’ll be wistful and sad, but just for a little while as we look ahead to 2018 which is already shaping up to be very busy! We’ll have a side trip to Norway with Bernie’s cousins and lots of company in July.

Tell your friends about our blog AND if you’ve enjoyed my writing and Bernie’s photos, we’d be thrilled if you bought a copy of our book, “Bernie’s Paris…Travel Stories with Love” from Amazon.

And now, my sentimental thoughts from this year of things we did have and those we lacked.

First, what we did have…


-Cherries, blueberries, strawberries and apricots galore…more than ever before! Truly a tasty summer of freshness.

-Wonderful visitors including my precious son and his family which was the highlight of my summer. Andrew & Avery, never forget our good times together. I know you won’t forget the heat!

-New dishwasher, washing machine, iron, and vacuum cleaner

-Beautiful church bells always ringing from l’Eglise St. Paul

-A visit with Bernie’s beloved cousins in Alsace

-A party for friends and neighbors

-Three sets of new friends: Mark and Linda, Brooke and Kayla, Carolyn and Clive

-Lots of homeless people

-Lots of calories!


-Lots of doggie poop!

-Pollution and black dust

-Best exhibit ever in Paris…the Dior

-Many new blog followers

-Two terrorist attacks

-Reconnecting with Malcolm and Antonia for their anniversary meal at Jacquemart-André

-Always the brides and wedding caravans down rue St. Antoine in decorated cars and honking horns

-A new food experience at Dessance

-Enjoying some overlap with the Bilbro’s from Huntsville

Now a few things we did NOT have:

-Much rain or cool weather

-Food poisoning and trips to hospitals

-Kidney stone attacks

-Locking ourselves out of our apartment

-Easy maneuvering on the streets because of all the sidewalk upheaval

-Floods along the Seine

-Any need hardly for an umbrella or raincoat…what, in Paris? It’s known for its rain.

-Any falls or foot and knee problems

-All the steps from last year

-Worries about our book. Last year we spent hours working on marketing photos and trying to get the cover photo for “Bernie’s Paris.”

One thing is for sure: we are exceedingly blessed to be able to be in Paris, to have good health, good friends, wonderful family, and the spirit of adventure that keeps us young.

And now, the winner of the “Purely Paris Photo of the Day” was very close, and the wide range of different likes was obvious. The winner by one vote was the little girl with the red umbrella. Runner up was the musician on the subway. The Diner En Blanc tutu was third and Lovers was fourth.  Merci beaucoup to all who voted and to all the wonderful comments. Forgive me for not having the time to respond to each of you individually, but your expressions of kindness were dear. The blog takes a lot of time, and your feedback makes it all worth the effort!

As I close, may I please ask for your prayers for special friends. My heart has been so heavy since Thursday morning when I learned that Charles and Judy Gattis of Huntsville lost their 18-year old grandson, Brad, in a terrible auto accident in Tennessee. It has been difficult to have so much enjoyment here when their lives are filled with so much grief.

Blessings and health to all of you, and we’ll see you next year from the City of Light.

Au revoir,

Linda & Bernie