What’s Your Favorite “Purely Paris Photo of the Day?”

Bonjour mes amis,

Hasn’t it been fun being together for almost two months and allowing us to share Paris with you?  We’ve loved it and hope we’ve taught you to see this wonderful city in a tender way. Life here is sometimes difficult, but so worth it in every regard. It’s not for everyone, I suppose, but certainly fills our hearts with joy and memories.

We had a “pique-nique” lunch on the river enjoying the much cooler temps.

This is a bicycle cruise boat, a sight we haven’t seen before.

And then for dinner, we had one of the most, if not THE most memorable meals we’ve ever had in Paris at Dessance, a restaurant recommended by Jim Bilbro on rue des Archives. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it as we sat close at the bar where the food was being prepared. Every time you go will be different as the ingredients are seasonal and totally fresh. There were five people working constantly to prepare each dish which was like painting a beautiful picture. Each had a task, and they were like an orchestra in perfect synchrony. I had a difficult time hearing all the descriptions but if you go to Jim Bilbro’s Facebook page, he nailed it. If you’re a foodie, this is a place you must visit. It’s casual, reasonably affordable, and delicious down to the last bite! I’m sorry the dishes aren’t in the correct order, but this program I use jumbles everything up, and it takes too darn long to insert each photo separately.

We think this was the sous chef. He’s grating a frozen cucumber to make “ice.”

The main chef was delightful and loved to wildly toss things around. He was a perfectionist, and every dish had to be exquisite down to the last little herb. He was constantly instructing his sous chef and tasting this and that. He also would slip the hardworking dishwasher a bite or two when he was preparing the dishes. He was right in the mix the entire evening.

One of the two desserts with a nutty pretzel base, salted caramel and ice cream

A partially eaten (forgot to take the picture) salad with watermelon and radishes and the cucumber “ice” on top

If you chose the pairings, every dish came with either wine or a fruity drink. This is apple, cucumber, etc.

This was the savory main dish with veal, peas, rhubarb and all manner of herbs.

This was one of the vegetable/fruit choices and was my favorite. Cherries, gnocchi, lavender ice cream, crispy sweet sprinkles and wasabi cream infusion.

Asparagus with parmeasan

The other dessert was a peach Melba, French style

Delicious with little mustard crisps and other delectibles

The chef’s delight at the start or the “amuse bouch”, a tickle of the mouth, had a clam on the bottom with a tomato, beet root and a crispy bit of toast.

This was the very last dish. The small, hardened green ball is filled with piña colada ice cream.

So we rolled out of Dessance about 11pm. The ticket was about $300 for the four of us so yes, a bit pricey. It’s only money, as we like to say. If you don’t mind a slow meal and many exquisite new taste combinations, save your pennies and go! It’s not for everyone for sure.

And now to our little contest to pick the favorite “Purely Paris Photo of the Day.” I’ve done the work for you. Choose one by the title and respond in the comment section of the blog if you wish. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow when I post my final, sentimental summary blog.

Birthday party on the river

Tartare de Boeuf

Fire Chief

Salmon in the window

Street Roses

Artist in Place des Vosges

Accordion player at Montmartre

Miss Manon pastries

White tennis shoes

Chimney pots

Diner en Blanc tutu

The taffeta skirt

The blue Smart car

Nude sunbather

The ice cream queue

Stationary bikes on the beach

Musicians on the subway

Red King

Fluffy white cloud

Wing Man

Pink purses

Cat in the window

Poetry art on the street

Two dogs at the café

Man with pigeons in his arms

5000 euro boots

Street graffiti

Minions subway billboard

Little girl on the subway

Girl with umbrella

Artist painting our apartment

Shop Dog

Bastille Day scarf

Window boxes

Man feeding pigeons

Black dog in window

Lady with blue hair

The lovers

Ah, finally done. This has taken quite a while to do so indulge me and make your selection in the comment section or you can email me.

It’s raining outside mid-morning and very cool. Tonight our dinner with the neighborhood gang on rue Etienne Marcel. So much food!!

À bientôt,

L & B