It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Paris


When you don’t receive a blog from us, it’s because it’s rained all day the previous day or we’ve done laundry all day or some of both. Monday was that kind of day, but we’ve had two days since that were wonderful. We’ve been out enjoying the better weather, but shifting our emphasis to after 5pm to catch the lights of Christmas after dark.

Today the lights are turned on along the Champs at 5pm and we will be there! This year they will be red.

Yesterday, we went to an area that we’re not very familiar with around St. Denis/Sebastopol/Saint Martin to a restaurant called Bouillon Julien which was on my list of things to do for 2019. It kept showing up on various web sites I follow, and now I can see why. It’s a Belle Époque style established in 1901 and is lovely on the inside. Here’s their slogan:

Translated the first line means “Here, everything is pretty, delicious, but not expensive.” Put this one on your list. When we entered at noon, it was totally empty. Notice the photo as we were leaving. Don’t be put off by the neighborhood, very working class area not at all like the Marais.

Arch of Saint Denis, the patron saint of Paris

Section of the tiled floor

The toilette or Lavabo

The beautiful bar made of wood imported from Cuba

Historic cash register

We strolled the area toward the food street (as we call it) Montorgueil which has Future apartment potential and captured some light photos. Walked a LONG way, Tim & Paula…Bob & Cindi…Charles & Judy. You should have been with us!


Beautiful door

We ended up around the Les Halles area with the modern canopy where there are Christmas chalets and decorations. We returned to this area after dark to take the contrasting photos. The light sprayed on St. Eustache church is the BEST of the light photos taken from Bernie’s camera and is featured up top.

One of the shops had this LEGO display of Notre Dame

Small Christmas trees for sale for small apartments!

Bernie caught this shot of the birds

This grill work and lattice used to be how Les Halles looked

Christmas stalls

Les Forum de Halles

Huge Christmas tree decoration which changes its light patterns. I believe Bernie caught all the versions!

Montorgueil after dark

Even the McDonald’s was aglow

Enjoy Christmas in Paris!

L & B