Wonderful Party on Rue St. Paul in the Marais


It is Quatorze Julliet, the 14th of July, or Bastille Day, here in Paris. It will be a wild, crazy, loud day and night as the festivities are many. We plan to assume our usual spot on the Pont d’Arcole, a bridge on the Seine, where we can watch the magnificent fly-by of the bleu, blanc, rouge (blue, white and red) streamers representing the French flag from the jets whizzing by. We’ll stick around to watch the large military planes zoom overhead as well.

Since the American army is marching, we very seriously considered going to the Champs Elysées, but it’s difficult to find a viewing spot unless you go three hours ahead (no bathrooms), and then you often can’t see very much. In other words, maybe we’re getting old and don’t want the hassle. We’ve done it several times in the past, and it’s a very special memory.

Then we will follow another tradition by going to Le Bouquet St. Paul right below our apartment to watch pieces of the parade come by as it breaks up. Much of the artillery and the large fire engines come whizzing through the neighborhood. We are indefinite about our plans for the evening because the mass of humanity and the security will make it difficult to navigate anywhere close to the Eiffel Tower where the fireworks take place. Trump’s visit has closed many roads, etc. as you can imagine. So, we’ll see what we decide to do.

One thing is quite sure in that we won’t be attending the big Firemen’s Ball right across the street where the good-looking firemen dance until the wee hours of the night, rumored to be in the nude by around 2am!

Last evening our party was a wonderful success. Bernie and I worked most of the day on the food, and it was devoured with eagerness. All brought wine or champagne or wonderful pastries for dessert. We broke up at 11, tired but very pleased with the joy of being with both new and old friends. Hope you enjoy the photos, many of which are from Peggy Bilbro…Bernie was too busy pouring champagne!

Getting ready

The spread!

Jamie’s flowers were a hit.

Monsieur Bilbro with neighbor Frank

Bernie is screaming that we have no more champagne!

Bernie with our friend, Ann Jeanne

Ann is a blogger and tour guide who helped us so much last year by promoting “Bernie’s Paris.”

Neighbors Vinciane and Chantal

The “Purely Paris” photo of the day is this charming fellow as he guards the entrance to a men’s clothing shop. He’s there every day as le chien de le magasin, the shop dog. Almost every shop in Paris has one!

Wish us a happy, busy day!

L & B