Another Fun, Gorgeous Day Spent in the Left Bank


We tried to have an easier day yesterday and let Natalie sleep until almost noon, then took in a late lunch at what ended up being Les Deux Magots. Cafe de Flore is closed for renovation. These are the two very famous Left Bank cafes but always swarmed with tourists. Yesterday was no exception. Any hope I had that the tourist flow would slow down in mid August was a total misconception. I’ve never seen so many people!!

Pastry cart at Les Deux Magots

Natalie is surprised that the food is not as difficult as she had expected, but is terribly expensive! After lunch, we stepped right across the street to show her the very old Eglise St. Germain.

Eglise St. Germain

To our great surprise, it is being cleaned and restored to its original grandeur. Always before, it has been very dark with black walls and basically unimpressive. To our delight, here’s what we saw!

It may take another year or so to complete the restoration but it will be magnificent.

We strolled along St. Germain des Prés down to Boulevard St. Michel and of course took in the fountain, the food street (as we call it) rue de la Huchette, Shakespeare book store and finally Notre Dame.

Classic rotating promotion kiosk

Crepes on the street

Lamb spit for Gyros

Natalie filling her water bottle in front of Shakespeare bookstore

Inside Notre Dame

Very famous wood carvings depicting the life of Jesus

Rose window of Notre Dame

Pope Jean Paul

Still the love locks

Natalie’s bodyguard in the background!

Two street scenes of the day:

Yes, orange hair!


Last night, we sent Bernie out for pizza at the place right near us and it was delicious and easy. We were off to bed at a reasonable hour because today (Sunday) will be a “biggie”—the Bastille Sunday market, lunch at Le Train Bleu and then afternoon and evening dinner at Montmartre. Are you up for it?

À bientôt

L & B